Crawlspace Cleaning Service

Crawlspaces and Attics NW offers crawlspace cleaning services throughout King, Pierce, Thurston, Island and Snohomish counties in Washington. If your home suffers from poor indoor air quality, rodent infestation, or even high energy bills or cold floors, a crawlspace cleaning and inspection could be just what you need.

Why is a Clean Crawlspace Important?

While it may be the last place in your house that you would think to clean, the truth is that a clean crawlspace is one of the keys to a clean home. While the crawlspace is intended to be outside of your home’s building envelope, where it wouldn’t impact the living space, the unfortunate truth is that in most North American homes there is little to no air barrier between the crawlspace and the living area. Consequently, anything that is in your crawlspace -- dust, mold, rodents, etc. -- can easily enter your living space. Not a pleasant thought is it?

Why Choose Crawlspaces and Attics NW?

Crawlspaces and Attics NW is the region’s leading expert in crawlspaces and attics. With a wealth of experience, and building science credentials, we are Washington’s go-to source for crawlspace cleaning, encapsulation, insulation and home energy efficiency upgrades.

For more information about how a clean crawlspace leads to a healthy home, or to schedule an appointment today, give us a call!