Rat Problem

Mr. and Mrs. P

   My wife and I had experienced a Rat problem. Once we got rid of the Rat problem we put out bids to re-do our entire crawl space including our heat ducts. I can tell you that out of 6 bids they were the ones that spent over an hour under our house. We thought that if he cared that much to spend that much time under our wet, old, crawlspace that they were the company to do the work for us. We did not know how bad it was until we received the pictures and estimate. Al Jr. arrived with a crew and within two days the job was done. There was NO left over debris, and you could actually crawl under our house and not get dirty. I have seen many crawlspaces and I have never been proud of any of them, but I am proud of this crawl space and how clean and efficient it now is.