Highly Recommend

Jason G.

"Larry from Crawlspaces & Attics initially came to our house for a quote, he was very informative, quick and the quote for what was being offered was competitive.
They were very flexible working with our schedules and the work was done in one afternoon. After the install, we had a bathroom fan issue that I had assumed was related to the install. I looked in the attic and over the top of all the new insulation It appeared that the fans had not been boxed off. I call them back, and the receptionist, Athena, was very helpful and let me know she would pass it along to the owner. Within an hour an installer called me back and scheduled a time the next day to come and double check the work. Jess, the original installer, came back out, was very friendly and helpful and after double checking his work pointed out to me where the fans were in fact boxed off properly. I had made an incorrect assumption about our fan issue. I was very impressed by the handling of my mistake all the way through. No one was defensive, everyone was helpful, quick and professional. Jess even turned down my attempt to compensate him for his wasted time. I highly recommend these guys."