Clean Language

Ryan K

Sorry for not commenting sooner.

I wanted to give some feedback about Danny, one of your workers who helped remove what we thought was a single rat from under our porch. Turns out there was a nest of 7 rats! Danny discovered these rats as they fell on his face while he was crammed under our porch. My wife was near the porch unbeknown to Danny and heard his language, as rats rained down on his face.

"Oh my gosh"

That was it! I come up with worse just thinking about it. I really tip my hat (we also tipped him cash) to guy who can control his tongue, he's a better man than I.

Clean language is a big deal for my wife, the last time you guys worked on our home, she experienced the same high standards. Just wanted to say thanks for the high standards your team has exhibited and hope you'll pass our thanks along to your crew.

Needless to say we recommend you guys to our friends.

Ryan K.