Vapor Barrier

Crawlspaces and Attics NW offers vapor barrier installation for homes and commercial buildings throughout Pierce, Thurston, Island and Snohomish counties, Washington.

Why Install a Vapor Barrier?

Moisture can pose serious threats to our home and health. It can lead to structural damage, by corroding, warping, and weakening building materials. It can cause mold and mildew growth, which may lead to a number of respiratory diseases including exacerbated asthma and allergies. It can also spread and cause damage to furniture and other belongings. The list goes on.

Preventative measures for moisture permeation vary depending on geographic location, and there are four overall types to defend against: liquid flow, capillary seepage, air movement, and vapor diffusion. Of those, vapor diffusion is particularly tricky because it refers to the movement of moisture through solid objects - Crawl Spaces and Attics NW offers vapor barriers as a solution to that issue.

During heating and cooling seasons especially, changes in vapor pressure expedite the diffusion of moisture. To mitigate those effects, we recommend the installation of a plastic or foil vapor barrier, particularly on permeable building materials such as brick and mortar. Reducing the rate of moisture diffusion will lead to both a safer and more comfortable living environment.

Why Choose Crawlspaces and Attics NW?

The experts at Crawlspaces and Attics NW are trained to find the source of moisture problems so they can be eliminated there. While fly-by-night contractors may offer a seemingly simple solution that doesn’t solve the problem at the root, you can count on us to offer the highest quality solution for the best results.

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